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Social Grace

I’ll be the diplomatic one

So you don’t have to be

You can just say it how it is

Cause I love your honest way of speaking

How you don’t sugar – coat the poison

See through the illusions, people like to show

But somehow, you always know

And there will always be people

Who try to paint you as cruel

But that’s only because, they never get to know you

And how you have your moments

Where you can even be sweet, though you don’t have to be

Cause your lack of social grace

Is kind of why I like you, In the first place

At first glance, we might seem like opposites

But when it comes down to it, we’re really not all that different

And I don’t need a public declaration of love, to believe it

I already know without a doubt, you mean it

I want someone I can complement, not someone who completes me

Nor do I wish you were overflowing with charm

I want you, just as you are

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