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Let it be Real

You’re either a liar or a pretender

Maybe I’m seeking comfort in the familiar

When I let you link our fingers together

Like it’s something we have done before

‘I hate you’

I must be truly alone

To cling to the these lies from you

Wishing they were true

Seeking an anchor

Like slipping a hand through the bars of a cell

Give me something to hold

I’m too tired to care if it’s real

‘I hate you’

Give me your comfort, as empty as it is

Even though I don’t forgive

You, for ruining what this could have been

Now you have the nerve to stand there

With your empty claims

Haunting me with words I’ve dreamed

Now all they bring me is pain

Because I would give anything

‘I love you’

So, I’m clinging to the echo of a memory

That never got the chance to live

As I cling to your hand, like that would make it real

I wish I could let go

I wish I didn’t crave the last thing

I want to want

I wish it weren’t that I had nothing left

I can’t bear to lose you too

When I hate you

I hate you

I… I love you

I love you

But I can’t bear to tell you

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