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...the wind always calls, 

and my soul answers

every time ...

Alicia Cara is an artist and writer hailing from Scotland.


Common themes in her work are conflict and desire and the questions we spend our lives trying to answer, but she enjoys writing about anything.    

Alicia Cara is a member of the HitRECord community, and her art and project contributions can be seen

on her profile - AliciaCara.


Her poetry can be seen at or upcoming in:

  • Unpublishable Zine (Communion)

  • Break pamphlet published by Eye Flash Poetry (I and II)

  • The Daily Drunk Mag (Katsuki)

  • Orange Blush Zine (Sickly Child)

  • Green Ink Poetry (Inner Storm)

  • The Minison Project (The Punishment)

  • Three Moon Magazine (Bartender)


For news and glimpses of current projects, you can follow Alicia Cara on

  • Twitter @AliciaCaraCreat

  • Instagram @aliciacara25

  • Facebook @AliciaCara

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