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A Reason to Learn Japanese

It stands to reason

When you love a character

As much as I do him

Some of that would rub off

On the person who plays him

You were just a name on a list

The face that gave him life

Until the world said I would like you

In your own right

It’s the time I first met him

All over again

He just has a way

Of stealing my attention

When it’s already been claimed

And I guess it’s only natural

You would be the same

So now I find myself

Drinking in everything I can about you

Like you do when you find someone new

And everything makes me like you more

Caught up in my curiosity

I can’t see the things I ignore

The rest of the world melts away

When I’m looking at you

I watch you eat

A smile on your face

While you speak a language

I don’t understand

But I don’t care

I think I’d watch you

Do almost anything

Even without a translation

And at least now

I have a reason

To finally learn Japanese

Maybe its compounded

By new acquaintances

Planting a flag of interest

With eyes that follow me around

I try not to think about it

There’s probably nothing in it

I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it

If they take a step forward

I’ll take a hundred back in your direction

Setting themselves up for a competition

They can’t hope to win

Whether it’s you or him

You have both become the bar

All others are measured against

But the un – likeliness

Of meeting someone like you

Is something I fear I’ll need to accept

So forgive me

If I want to live in this a little longer

Dreaming of all the streets

In Tokyo we could wander

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